a little

about me


about me

a little

sitting around the kitchen table

when you're 90 years old

I want to give you

images you'll treasure

with your grandchildren

i'm seanna!

fancy seeing you here.

I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Seanna-Joye Fakeley Leaf (yup, that's my full name, cool huh?) and I’m an intimate wedding and elopement photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. I grew up in a super small and rural town surrounded by the most amazing friends and family. I first found my love for photography when I was a little girl, sitting around my grandparents table and looking at old photo albums. I’d stare in awe as they told me all about their lives growing up, when they first met, how their first date went, their wedding day, and when my mom was born. It always inspired me so deeply to think that one day I would be in their shoes and would want to share MY stories with my future grandchildren. This is why I don’t think of our time together as a transaction- these are moments you’ll look back on forever and I want to make sure the experience is one you’ll treasure too! 

By the end of it all, I know your favourite colour, ice cream flavour, and what you’re going to name your next pet. In all seriousness, This is one of your biggest adventures yet, and I want to be a part of the whole process. I’ll help you plan your timeline so things run smoothly on the big day, I will help make decisions whenever you need advice, and I will share all of the knowledge that I’ve learned shooting previous weddings to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch!

My photography is rooted in honest connection; the real, the raw, and all the good stuff in between. I never want to pose you in stiff or uncomfortable ways (I think we experience enough awkward moments in life, don't we?). Instead, I'll have you running through the field together, tickling one another, constantly moving & loving each other.

So what do you say? Are you ready for the adventure?

let's chat all about it

on weekends you'll find me tending to my garden or with a craft beer in hand

my grandparents.

my biggest inspiration.

my Grandma Deanna who I was named after

my Grandpa Gordon

meet my associate

this is kaylah!

she's pretty darn awesome.

Hey you! I’m Kaylah, the other human behind the lens and one of the best third wheels you’ll ever find! I have over 10 years of photography under my belt and specialize in all things love. Photography has always been my favourite creative outlet. I love capturing the intimacy of peoples love of each other and themselves. I believe that photographs should never be missed. Even the small moments hold value to us. The best part about having a photographer to capture you is knowing that you’re able to live in the moment and still have something tangible to remember it by.

Besides photographing love I am also a wife to my husband Dustin, a mom to our two littles, Greyson and Jaxon and reiki practitioner! Most days you can find me editing with an iced coffee in hand (I recently found out about the magic of caffeine lol!) or sitting on the floor playing with two tiny humans.

I can’t wait to show you what your love looks like. 

we're one in the same & both equally excited about your big day

so, what the heck is an associate?

Who says cloning doesn't exist? I've seen it time and time again, but it never gets any easier.  A client will reach out to me about their wedding or elopement and I have to tell them with a heaviest of hearts, that I am already booked for their day.  But what if there was someone who understood and shared my values, my vision,  my talent, and overall excitement? This is where Kaylah comes in.

Okay, so Kaylah and I may not LOOK the same but she is my doppelgänger when it comes to photography!  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone, which is why I needed to make her a part of my team.

So now, if you inquire and I am already busy on your day, I will offer you Kayhla as an associate photographer, which also comes with some pretty awesome discounted packages and pricing (Can I get a heck ya!). 

tell me more

I'm all about making unqiue and honest connections

so its only fair that you get to know me too.




My boyfriend, Tanner of 9 years & I live on the land his grandfather homesteaded

I'm OBSESSED with craft beer & will seek out a craft brewery anywhere I go

I can make a quacking sound like Donald Duck (pretty impressive if I do say so myself)


I have a bachelor of Social Work Degree & work in Mental Health and Addictions

I have two dogs named Dixie & Daisy


learn about my packages


let the adventures begin.

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