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For photographers of all stages ready to fill in a critical piece of their business– intentionally crafted client experience.

This thoughtfully designed, accountability-driven course is exactly what I wish I had when I was starting out in my photography career 6 years ago, and I feel so confident that the practices you’ll learn through this course will give you action-driven steps to take your photography business to the level of intentionality you’ve always dreamed. 

What will you learn?

Umbrella of client experience
Branding and attracting your people
Setting up your business for success
Client experience workflow

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let me help you reach your goals, add to your portfolio, work on your client skills, create a community; whatever you need, im here for you!

why a mentorship?

So – why do I offer mentorship sessions? I decided to start offering mentorship sessions in 2020 because when I first started out I felt that it was sometimes really difficult to get answers to my questions that I had – whether it be answers from the internet or from fellow photographers. I sometimes felt that I was being a bother to other photographers, or more often felt too intimated to even ask them questions! When I had begun to look into mentorship options, they all felt so out of reach financially.
After being in the industry for 3 years, I finally felt that I had found ‘my tribe’ of other photographers who had my back & I trusted – BUT I don’t want everyone to have to wait that long! Why not begin to create your community of cheerleaders & helpers now?! 
After receiving many questions online from other photographers who might have been just starting out, and quickly answering their questions over Instagram, I felt like I was letting them down & I felt that I had so much more to share. I wanted to create a space where I could put my full heart & soul into building that relationship, answering those questions, and sharing the knowledge that I have come to know over the years!

"I am a fellow photographer and had booked a mentorship session with Seanna. She really took her time to make sure that I was getting everything I needed/wanted from our session together. I learned so much from her, and genuinely just love her as a person from the two hours we spent together. I highly recommend!"


mentorship collections


starting at $325

A virtual hangout session to talk all about your business & your skills & how you can improve them!

What's included?
Questionnaire to guide your learning
PDF about your learning prepared by me
1.5 hour virtual hangout
(option to add on additional hours)

What's included?
Questionnaire to guide your learning
1 hour shooting together
1 hour virtual hangout
Portrait session for yourself

Send me a message & let's chat - I can create a full day of learning for more than one person! I mean, what could be better than leveling up your biz with your biz besties?!!

What's included?
Questionnaire to guide your learning
1 hour virtual planning session
Communication with myself to organize shoot
8 hours together to go over
- shooting
- editing
- social media
- business
Portrait session for yourself
3 month check-in

Wanna chat & shoot? Of course you do! Let's include all the good-ness of the online collection PLUS a 1 hour session shooting together!

Wish you had a wedding in your portfolio? Been thinking of creating a styled shoot? The ultimate collection is meant for those who want to learn a ton about the biz side of things & you will get to create, plan, and execute your own shoot with my help!

Shoot & Learn

Is there a group of you that wants to learn?

So what do ya say? 
Let's do the
damn thing!


starting at $500

starting at $1500

contact me here

contact me here

"I booked a mentorship session with Seanna after deciding to start a photography business and it was one of the best investments I could have made in myself! Seanna was flexible, incredibly responsive and easy to communicate with – the care she puts into building relationships with her mentees is extremely evident. She really does go out of her way to make sure that the mentorship is tailored to YOU and what you want to learn or improve in your own business. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things photography, and I think one of the truly wonderful things about Seanna is that she is completely an open book – she was not hesitant about sharing her real experience with building a business , and had endless feedback, tools, and tips for growing my own business. She provided so much detail when answering the maaannnyyy questions I had, and did so in such a positive and encouraging manner! Seanna also took some updated headshots for me during our session an WOW – I was gushing over them! She has such a natural talent for knowing how to make you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and setting up really beautiful shots. If you are thinking about investing in yourself as a photographer you will not regret booking a mentorship with Seanna. I left my sessions feeling like I not only gained A TON of new knowledge that I am excited to put into practice, but also a new friend in this sometimes daunting photography community. Thanks so much Seanna!!!!"



let the adventures begin.

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