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Geeeeeet ready for one of the best weddings & dance parties I have ever had the honor to attend & photograph! Welcome to Phoenix Wedding Photographer Danika & Geno’s Arizona wedding weekend! I am so lucky to have an amazing associate photographer Kaylah who has been such a blessing to our SLP team & has […]

Travel, Wedding

March 15, 2024

Phoenix Wedding Photographer | Danika + Geno

Bride and groom sparkler photos at Stonebridge Manor in Phoenix Arizona wedding photographer

I do not even know how in the heck it took me THIS LONG to get Part 2 of Morocco Engagement Photographer Mandy + Mason posted (well I do know, busy seasons lol). Buuuut it is finally here & I am so so so excited to share it with you all because it may have […]

Engagement, Travel

morroco wedding photographer bride and groom portraits in the Sahara desert at sunrise

February 21, 2024

Morocco Engagement Photographer | Mandy + Mason | Pt. 2

This is has been sitting in the que waiting to be uploaded onto the website for so long, so I am finally excited to share my Cancun Wedding Photographer | Carolina & Tyler’s beach wedding! POV: you say your vows with the ocean waves in the background, celebrate with a mariachi band, take your first […]

Travel, Wedding

January 4, 2024

Cancun Wedding Photographer | Carolina + Tyler

bride and groom portrait in cancun, mexico

I do not even know where to start on talking about this incredible shoot & trip…. To sum it up in one word, INCREDIBLE. I am sooooo excited to share this Morocco Engagement with you. Having the opportunity to travel to a place I probably would have never travelled, meeting this sweet sweet couple, and […]

Couples, Travel

December 20, 2022

Morocco Engagement | Mandy & Mason | Part 1

This past November I traveled to Toronto, Ontario to see a friend who is going to school there. Anytime that I travel somewhere I am always trying to create some plans of how to arrange or how to fit in a shoot somehow! I asked Taylor, my friend, to see if she knew anyone from […]

Couples, Travel

March 12, 2020

Toronto Couples Photographer | Ashley & Liam

toronto couples photographer

The sun was hot, the waves were crashing & the love that you could see in Skyler’s eyes as Sarah walked down the isle was immeasurable. The bond that these two share was so incredibly obvious during their personally written vows, and throughout the entire few days I spent with them in Cabo San Lucas […]

Travel, Wedding

August 7, 2019

Sun & Sand Cabo San Lucas Wedding | Sarah & Skyler

You know what two of my all time favourite things are? Travelling & meeting new people. I’ve made it a goal of mine to put myself out there more often & to get to know more people around me, so when I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, mexico, this past May I thought it would […]

Couples, Travel

June 26, 2019

Downtown Cabo San Lucas Couple’s Session | Zoey & David

Krista & Kyle decided to tie the knot in the beautiful Playa del Carmen Mexico not only for the sun & the sand, but to also spend a week with everyone they love the most. Both Krista & Kyle are from the east coast, but relocated to Alberta for work and unfortunately both went through […]

Couples, Travel, Wedding

a groom dipping his bride

June 12, 2019

Mexico Rooftop Wedding | Krista & Kyle

Every single time I leave Hawaii, especially Kailua-Kona, I always leave a piece of my heart there. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii 3 times now, and I can honestly say it is one of the most wonderful places in the world (or at least in my own travels). And this isn’t […]

Couples, Travel

February 21, 2019

Kailua-Kona Hawaii Beach Sunset Couples Shoot | Tate & Dave

a man and a woman holding each other in the ocean


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